Introducing Mr. Puffs

I figured I might as well keep track of all the appliances, gadgets and toys that we buy for Sofia and during Sofia’s first year.
Without further due, let me introduce to you – Mr. Puffs. He helps keep Sofia’s room at optimum humidity. He is friends with Mr. Hickups and Mr. George. I will introduce them to you at a later time.

Auntie Roxana is logging in some baby holding time

Every time we bring Sofia at Grandpa and Grandma Gale – Auntie Roxana, the best auntie ever, is all about holding Sofia close while telling her all kinds of little secrets.

Sofia, Mommy and Daddy are all hoping that soon Aunt Roxana will put her awesome writting skills to use and become a blog contributor.

Daddy’s new toy

Daddy got a new toy today. Well, it really should be Mom’s toy but Daddy knows better. 🙁 🙂

Daddy got a new shiny yellow Dyson Ball Vacuum. This is because the old vacuum broke and we need to keep Sofia’s room very nice and clean. Yes, I know what you are thinking. A regular vacuum would have worked just fine… But – does a regular vacuum turn on a dime? Does it not loose suction while vacuuming? Does it come with a 5 year warranty? Does it have washable filters? I don’t think so! 🙂

In search for Sofia’s first church outfit

Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy went shopping for Sofia’s first fancy, church outfit. The plan was to find a cute little white dress and shirt which she will be wearing in two weeks when we’ll take her to church for the first time. That is when Sofia’s Dedication Prayer will take place. We eventually found one, at the Burlington Zoo. It is actually called the Burlington Coat Factory, but it might as well be called a Zoo, because the entire store was a huge mess. It could have to do with the fact that we went out shopping late on Friday, Black Friday that is.

Anyways, we found what we were looking for, an no one got hurt.

Where’s the family, and where are the friends?

I am wondering if anyone else is reading this blog. Not that I really really care, we’re doing this mainly for Sofia, but it would be nice to know that someone is reading it. I can’t have anonymous comments turned on because of the amount of spam that would attract, but I would be more then happy to set up an account for anyone interested. And, for what it is worth, an account would give you the opportunity to even write your own blog posts, about Sofia of course.

Email me at floringale[at] and we’ll take it from there.