Sofia’s cute and fluffy cheeks

Here we have another post in the series that was unoficially started a little bit ago with Sofia’s cute little hand and finger. This time, the focus is on Sofia’s cute, fluffy and adorable cheeks. Daddy decided to snap a picture for the world to see. Rest assured, no one got hurt when this picture was taken, not even one tiny little bit!

Grandpa Gale does it (smiles) again

And because the world needs to know about one of Sofia’s favourite Grandpas, and because it is amazing to see the smile that Grandpa Gale has on his face when he holds baby Sofia, or simply when baby Sofia is around – let us introduce to the world wide web – Grandpa Nic Gale.

There are allot more pictures with him and everyone else at -so head on over there when you get a chance. Before you go however, bookmark Sofia’s blog so you can come here often :).

Sofia with Grandma Gale

Just a few days ago Sofia spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa Gale. Sofia and Grandma Gale get along very well, and love eachother very much. Sofia really feels at home when she is with Grandma Gale – which makes mommy and daddy very very happy. I am sure Sofia is looking forward to staying at by her grandparents’ again :).

Where’s the family, and where are the friends?

I am wondering if anyone else is reading this blog. Not that I really really care, we’re doing this mainly for Sofia, but it would be nice to know that someone is reading it. I can’t have anonymous comments turned on because of the amount of spam that would attract, but I would be more then happy to set up an account for anyone interested. And, for what it is worth, an account would give you the opportunity to even write your own blog posts, about Sofia of course.

Email me at floringale[at] and we’ll take it from there.