Sofia is a little sick

The day after we moved to Seattle for good Sofia caught a little bit of a cold. We hate to see her suffer this way but are happy to see that, for the most part, she is in good spirits.

PS: Daddy is hoping that Mommy will get back to her good routine of posting on this blog. Everyone misses Mommy’s posts!

Sofia’s En Vogue Hair Style

Some of the most fabulous hair styles that Sofia ever sported, were fashioned at The Gale Estates, East Wing – during bath time. As you can see, not only is Sofia way into bathing but she really knows how to strike a pose, or two. Enjoy these pics before The Cosmopolitan calls us to buy the rights to these gems.

It is time I start this blog

Sofia Gale was born on October 22nd at 7:52pm. She was 6lb 7oz and 19.5inc tall.

Here we are a month and a day later and I still did not manage to get this blog up. With a little bit of luck, this is about to change. I am not going to wait any longer to get all the pictures and videos up in chronological order. I will just get on blogging right now and post what I can, when I can. I hope that at some point I will manage to post some older videos and pictures and find a way to back date them.

For now, check out this pictures, and come back soon for more blog posts.

PS: I posted this from my iPhone.