Another princess outfit

One of these last Sundays Sofia tried on yet another one of the really cute dresses that she has. I don’t remember if it is a dress that Mom bought her or if it is a gift from one of Sofia’s fans. One things that is sure however is that she looked as addorable as ever in it. Check it out:

Just another manic Saturday

As of late, and because the weather is warming up finally, we, the Gales (Sofia, Anca and Florin) enjoy going out together on Saturdays. On the specific occasion documented here, we ate breakfast at Bob Evan’s, looked for shoes at the DSW and Nordstrom Rack, and finally returned home tired and ready for some chillaxing.

Mommy is showing Daddy some tricks

Mommy is showing daddy her secret tehnique for how to put baby girl Sofia to sleep. Daddy tried this tehnique a few times, with mixed results. Daddy is sometimes sad because he can’t put Sofia to bed as easy and fast as Mommy does… It is just a matter of time before Daddy will be teaching Mommy some tricks.