We’re growing

It’s January 26th today and it already feels like spring. So Sofia and mommy went to the park to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

I’m realizing (with mixed emotions) that my baby is growing fast. Last time we went to the park she was afraid of going down the slide by herself. Today, I lost count of how many times she went, alone. And not just the kiddie slide, she only wanted the tallest, most wiggly one.

So here’s another milestone we passed, no more help needed from mommy at the park!

Favorite toy of the month

Sofia’s favorite toy at the moment is her play mat. It has a southwestern, cowboyish theme, with a horsey, a cow, a cowboy rooster and a pretty star, as well as a cute little mirror above.

She spends hours looking and cooing at the toys but mostly at her own reflection in the mirror. Mommy is very happy Sofia likes this play mat because she gets to catch up on house chores while the baby enjoys herself on her own … Let’s hope this phase lasts until the baby is ready to sit on her own.