Sofia’s Dedication

It seems like daddy will never get around to posting about Sofia’s dedication service (which was 2 weeks ago!!!), so mommy will have to pick up the slack ­čÖé

On December 14th, 2008, mommy and daddy took baby Sofia to church to be dedicated. Sofia wore a beautiful cream colored dress, with a matching cardigan sweater and matching shoes. Of course, the shoes were a tad too big, but they did stay on for the service ­čÖé

We got to church with Sofia sleeping in her car seat. The two grandma’s, auntie Roxy and grandpa Gale moved to be closer to us. Then Sofia woke up and she spent the whole time in her 2 grandma’s arms.

The worship team, which mommy and daddy are a part of, sang 2 beautiful songs, one of which they learned especially for this occasion. The choir also sang a beautiful dedication song.

Grandpa Ungur had a special message and then him, together with fratele Mudura came down to pray over baby Sofia.

Sofia was very cool and collected for this special occasion, she even slept through the prayer, in her grandpa’s arms.

Here are some pictures to document this event!

In search for Sofia’s first church outfit

Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy went shopping for Sofia’s first fancy, church outfit. The plan was to find a cute little white dress and shirt which she will be wearing in two weeks when we’ll take her to church for the first time. That is when Sofia’s Dedication Prayer will take place. We eventually found one, at the Burlington Zoo. It is actually called the Burlington Coat Factory, but it might as well be called a Zoo, because the entire┬ástore was a huge mess. It could have to do with the fact that we went out shopping late on Friday, Black Friday that is.

Anyways, we found what we were looking for, an no one got hurt.