La Munte (Mt Rainier)

Mommy, daddy and Sofia went to visit Mt Rainier this past weekend. It is the biggest mountain in the state of Washington, standing tall at over 14,000 ft.

The mountain also boasts some big glaciers, so besides it being tall and hard to climb, the glaciers make it even harder.

Of course we didn’t make it that far, we only made it up to Sunrise, which is the highest point you can get to by car, at 6,000 ft.
Here are some pics from our excursion:

Sofia’s first airplane trip

On Sunday, Sofia mommy and daddy traveled to Seattle for daddy’s work. We will be here for about 2 months.

This was Sofia’s first trip in an airplane.

She enjoyed most of it, with the exception of the landing, when her ears started popping.

During the flight, she read the emegency instructions, played with puffy and pinky, ate pufuleti, took a nap, made a few friends and walked around with daddy.

We eventually made it to Seattle, tired and hungry, but safe.