Newest addition to the baby arsenal

Mommy bought Sofia a high chair because she’s starting to eat solid foods. It is a Graco Contempo. I went with it because it is the slimmest model when closed. While that might be the case, I think it is a little too much work to close it, so I prefer to leave it open most of the time.

Anyways, Sofia really likes to spend time in it for some reason, so that works out great because mommy gets to take care of things while the baby hangs out …

Baby carrier

Mommy bought this new device to carry Sofia around the house. So far she’s not really impressed with it. While it does free up the hands, there’s not much you can do while carrying the baby because there’s not enough room in front. Forget cooking also while you have the baby in the carrier because you might hurt her …. That’s a total No No.

Sofia doesn’t care for it much either …. She gets fussy after about 10 minutes in it. And her face always seems to get covered up by the top flap …. Bad design ….

Favorite toy of the month

Sofia’s favorite toy at the moment is her play mat. It has a southwestern, cowboyish theme, with a horsey, a cow, a cowboy rooster and a pretty star, as well as a cute little mirror above.

She spends hours looking and cooing at the toys but mostly at her own reflection in the mirror. Mommy is very happy Sofia likes this play mat because she gets to catch up on house chores while the baby enjoys herself on her own … Let’s hope this phase lasts until the baby is ready to sit on her own.