How to Make Cupcakes

Sofia has been watching all these YouTube videos on how to make cakes and cupcakes shaped as different things, ie. Train, firetruck, turtle. So one day she decided it’s time to try making her own cupcakes, with mama’s help of course.

So here is our journey in pictures, of how we made beautiful vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles!









Sofi’s birthday present

Sofia has been spending the last 2 weeks in Michigan with her grandparents. Mommy and daddy miss her so much that they decided to splurge on a really cool present for her birthday, her very own play kitchen. Now she can cook all kinds of yummy yummy food (papa) for mommy and daddy. Yay!


Sofia is a little sick

The day after we moved to Seattle for good Sofia caught a little bit of a cold. We hate to see her suffer this way but are happy to see that, for the most part, she is in good spirits.

PS: Daddy is hoping that Mommy will get back to her good routine of posting on this blog. Everyone misses Mommy’s posts!