Sofi’s birthday present

Sofia has been spending the last 2 weeks in Michigan with her grandparents. Mommy and daddy miss her so much that they decided to splurge on a really cool present for her birthday, her very own play kitchen. Now she can cook all kinds of yummy yummy food (papa) for mommy and daddy. Yay!


Baby Gear Review: Fisher-Price Baby Papasan™

We decided to start another ‘blog section’ – this one will be dedicated to the various gear that we buy, receive, break, give away and otherwise use for or with Sofia Gale, our beautiful baby girl. Hopefully someone out there will find some value in this.

This a Fisher-Price vibrating and music playing chair which was gifted to us. Officially it is called the Fisher-Price Baby Papasan™ Infant Seat. Papasan? Seriously now! It retails for around $60.00, but I am sure you can find it for cheaper, let’s say on Craig’s List or eBay.  Keep in mind that this might not be a bad item to add to your baby shower gift list :), as we did.

We use the buzzing feature very often, as it calms baby Sofia down when she is fussy or has colic pains. However we almost never use the music playing features. It is worth mentioning that this chair can do both at the same time, vibrate and play music. The vibration stops after a certain amount of time, I believe it is roughly 15 minutes or so. I wouldn’t be surprised if the music playing does the same but we have not tested that yet.  It also comes with a hanging arm ‘extension’ which has a spherical mirror built in and dangles a cute little soft colorful toy. It has a harness built in to secure the baby, something that might come in useful when Sofia is older, but for now we find ourselves needing to come up with creative ways to tuck it in the chair’s seams, as it can not be physically removed from the chair.

Pros: Well designed compact and durable; Battery power usage has far exceeded our expectations; Light, easy to carry and take on trips short or long;

Cons: Works only on batteries and can not be plugged in for power or to recharge batteries; Incline angle can not be adjusted; Safety harness can not be removed; The chair cloth sinks in a little to deep and causes a very young baby’s back to have less then ideal posture;

All in all, this is a good gift/purchase, and something we use very often. Mommy and Daddy Gale both recommend this product for anyone who is in the market for a vibrating baby chair.